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How to invest your time and money in the course which makes you Industry Ready

Blues of the boards are over but not the anxiety of choosing the right course and right college. Confusion prevails when options are many. You will be surprised to know that in India there are over 550 universities and institutions, with up to 16000 colleges offering Bachelor’s degrees in every major academic discipline. However, this is rather more shocking that only 3% of the graduates are industry ready & get the employment. Now that’s make the job all the more difficult. In this ever-growing and ever-changing market one must pick the course that makes them employable or industry ready.

Here I am giving some hacks on how to choose the right course that will make you industry ready:

Know Thyself: : First things first, understand where your passion lies. If you are not sure about it, then analyze deeply. To begin with, ask yourself questions like what subjects you love to study. What are you curious about? If then too you are not able to find out your passion take the help of your friends & family or opt for psychometric tests available online or offline. Other way to go about it is make a list of all the subjects & topics you wish to learn then pick one or two that catches your curiosity the most.

Study the Right Course at Right College: Now that you know what you wish to train yourself on this is time to zero in on the right course at right college to study those subjects.

Course Curriculum: You must be wondering what difference course curriculum makes. Let me tell you, it makes all the difference. This is your first step toward your beaming future. Be mindful, check what all details it covers. How often does college update its curriculum? Is it according to the latest industry-trends or not?social media marketing, there are many opportunities available for you.

Teaching Methodology: Check what are the teaching methods used to teach your desired course. For example, if you wish to pursue BBA & college does not provide any practical exposure on Corporate World then taking admission there is going to be a criminal waste of your time & resources.

Learn from the Industry Leaders: Learning is not limited to only classroom-teaching. To stand out in the competition you must know the practical aspect of your subject which requires you to learn from the industry-leaders themselves.

Industry Exposure: Last but not the least, knowledge is nothing without application. Opt for a college that trains you on the practical application of the classroom theories. Pick an institute that takes you for frequent industry-visits where you will be able to see how things are done in real world. Doing is learning, learning is doing.