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The Top 10 Lessons from BBA

Pursuing BBA after school seemed to be very daunting at first, however, in retrospect it proved to be one of the best decisions of my life. I have not only learnt the fundamentals of management but also some life changing lessons. So here’s a look at what I have learnt from three amazing years I have spent studying BBA.

1. The Sooner The Better: You are straight out of your school, still in your teens brimming with ideas, that’s when it is easier to channelize your creativity in right direction. The sooner you start better you become.

2. Practical Exposure is Crucial: Understanding a concept is vital but applying it in real world is equally important. Books can impart wisdom but only a practical exposure will show you how to reap the benefits of it. The industrial visits, case studies, real time managerial tools all have contributed in learning great deal about the application of theories in real world.

3. The Best Preparation for MBA: BBA trains you on fundamentals of management concepts. After BBA you can always bag an entry-level job in management to get a hang of the corporate world. Work for few years before pursuing MBA.

4. Mentoring Matters: Almost anything can be learned if you are blessed with a right mentor. Right mentoring at this tender age can prepare you to achieve great heights later in your life. From entrepreneurship to leadership skills all can be taught if the faculty is determined to do so.

5. Be Future-Ready: We all have fear of unknown & one such eternal fright is the Future. During these three years of rigorous program, what all we have learned is; confidence is the key to battle this fear off & confidence comes from the knowledge. So be diligent for course-curriculum while opting for BBA course. Consider what all avenues of management studies it covers.

6. Time & Stress Management: Internal exams, presentations, viva, semester exams, case studies; BBA kept throwing one challenge after another at us. It is the right attitude & skill to manage time & stress that keeps our spirit high. Thankfully, many top BBA colleges understand the kind of stress students are going through, hence they come up with a practical-oriented soft-skills training program to develop the stress coping skills in students.

7. Be a Team Player: Needless to say how important it is to be a team player. Be it our project or college fest, it’s the team that we built got us the ultimate rewards & recognition.

8. The Art of Being Open: When I first stepped into my BBA college campus it seemed like a melting pot of different cultures to me. To thrive in this versatile pool one needs to be open minded so that we all can co-exist harmoniously.

9. Fun is a Serious Business: All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy! Truly so, studying day in & day out without any fun is not easily bearable. Campus is nothing without some LOL moments, some funny-tales to tell about.

10. No Bond is Greater than Friendship: A lot has been said & written about how precious the treasure of friendship is. Now I know why. These three years in BBA not only reap me knowledge but some great buddies to fall back on. We rowed the same boat for three years & that’s what makes our bond stronger.